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The Trinity Waltz
Meditate with Mind

Inner Evolution - Outer Transformation

Audio Meditations to Find your Center

Here is your daily positive priming! Support your beautiful spirit through my simple and sweet audio meditation. Take a break, take a breath, and recharge your mind.

Discover your own inner radiance. Meditation has been proven to have a positive influence on the quality of our lives.

I recommend that you sit in silence and stillness for 5 – 10 minutes after listening and simply receive, accept and connect.

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"Thank you! I am following since year one of your videos. Chi Yoga Flow is the most important 20 minutes of my day. I think this dance is really fantastic. I do the dance once a week. Love, Peace, Joy, and Gratitude."

Inner Smile With Grace

Inner Smile with Grace

A simple, yet profound Taoist practice of cultivating the benevolent qualities of a genuine smile to oneself. Fill every cell with peace and calm, fill your heart with compassion and joy, generating gratitude and appreciation. (5:00 minutes)

Be Still with Grace

Cultivate the qualities of peace, love, joy and gratitude to allow the body and mind to relax and receive. (6:25 minutes)

The I Am, Blessing Meditation

Turning within to appreciate and bless your life. (6:33 minutes)