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Quantum Life Coach

Inspired Life Choreography Coaching
with the Grace Formula

The Grace Formula
Cultivate your garden

Are you ready to move from what “is” to what IS POSSIBLE in your life?

Maybe you want to start that venture you’ve been dreaming of. 

Perhaps you’re wanting to make a shift in your personal or professional life but you feel stuck or without direction.

Or maybe it’s time to let go of something so you can move forward.

I am here to help you navigate this thing called life with the Grace Formula.

Clarity Session

Let’s talk! I am offering a complimentary 20-minute phone conversation, designed to give you insight to any issue that you may be facing.

Together, we will see if my inspired coaching services are a fit for you. I will share the techniques I use to support you in moving from “what is” to “what is possible” in your life.


Are you ready? Set a time for your CLARITY SESSION, Call Me: 530-488-0620

How? First, you want to prepare the soil by uprooting the weeds and then plant new seeds. Think about your own thoughts and beliefs – are there old weeds that are limiting the way for your greater good? The truth is: You are a magnificent garden of unlimited potential!

As your Inspired Life Choreography Coach, together we evaluate the beliefs, values and patterns that may be holding you back from being all you can be and then plant new seeds for you to become the master gardener of your life and transform your intentions to reality.

As a coach, I use proven neuroscience processes and techniques that combine deep meditative trance, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and cognitive neurological re-patterning.

I also utilize movement, breath, shamanic tools of transformation and affirmative prayer so you can open to your potential!

We look at the areas of your health, finances, relationships and career – and move you in the direction of confidence and clarity on the road to successful living.

Through Quantum Process you create change by providing new neuropathways and allowing yourself to create different, empowered behaviors and beliefs. You will achieve lasting, exceptional results in a short amount of time! I support you in how to nurture your soil and enjoy the harvest of your Life!

"With a light-hearted, delight-filled and patient approach, Suzanne has helped me discover and lead the life I want. She has helped me gain courage & strength while providing me with the tools to change the old habits that get in my way and connect me with the self I want to be."
Pamela D.
"I had never worked with an Inspirational Life Coach, so I was not sure what to expect. Working with Suzanne was completely eye-opening for me and helped me find my way on my personal transitional journey. We did meditative exercises that brought light to issues and desires I didn't know were stagnant in my soul. Each session helped me through the stages of releasing and healing. I would highly suggest working with Suzanne if you are in a state of transition, or want to ground yourself further into your own life and spirit."
Kelly N.

3 Coaching Plans

Inspired Life Choreography Coaching

With the Grace Formula

In person or virtual (Zoom or Skype)

I look forward to being on your team in this journey. Let’s have a conversation about which package is the best fit for you. Each one is customized to fit your needs and desires.


Launch Your Great Life!

6-Week Package

Move from feeling stuck to being in flow!


This package is customized to you and includes:

Good fit for:

If you want to get going quickly and work intensely, this is the best fit.

Acceleration and Alignment

3-Month Package

Designing your direction!


This package is customized to you and includes:

Good fit for:

If you want to experience the benefits of consistent support, this package is for you!


Dynamic and Successful Living

6-Month Program

Implementation and momentum!


This package is customized to you and includes:

Good fit for:

For those who have BIG dreams in several areas: health, relationships financial and career, this is the best investment!

Get Started Today!

Are you curious how Inspired Life Choreography Coaching can help you move from a question mark to an exclamation point in your life?

Let’s have a conversation and schedule your complimentary Clarity Session.

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